KISCH IP safeguards the intellectual property rights of a range of entities, from start-up companies to multinationals, right across the globe.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique service in a competitive industry. Our offering is highly personalised and our base of attorneys and support staff offers a level of skill and expertise that is unrivalled on the continent.

Our goal is to entrench the reputation of KISCH IP as a respected, client-centric firm, staffed by real people who have genuine integrity and a mindset to partner with its clients.

Through this, KISCH IP will become the intellectual property partner of choice across Africa, serving as a gateway to the region for multi-nationals, regional entities and local companies seeking to enter African markets.

The firm is founded by Daniel Montague Kisch. It trades as Kisch and Harsant - General Merchants, amongst other. 1874
The office of DM Kisch moves to Johannesburg and distinguishes itself as an agent for South African patents and trade marks. 1885
DM Kisch registers the patents on behalf of Dr W Siemens for an invention relating to the separation of gold by means of electricity. 1886
DM Kisch registers a patent on behalf of Thomas Alva Edison. 1890
DM Kisch registers a patent for Marconi, entitled ‘Improvements in Applications for Wireless Telegraphy’. 1900
DM Kisch & Co., Patent and Trade Mark agents, becomes a firm of attorneys. 1976
The firm incorporates, changing its name to DM Kisch Inc. 1979
DM Kisch Inc celebrates 135 years, having grown to 15 partners, three associates and 102 support staff. 2009
DM KISCH INC. rebrands and is now called KISCH IP. 2015
KISCH IP's vision is to be the most respected IP Law firm in South Africa and Africa. Today