Patents apply across a range of fields and require specialist knowledge. KISCH IP has the extensive legal expertise and industry experience to assist clients with patent applications, renewals, patent infringement and related litigation.


Our patent professionals are qualified and/or registered electronic, mechanical, chemical or metallurgical engineers, scientists, chemists and biochemists. This places KISCH IP in a position to serve a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, engineering, life sciences, information technology, chemistry and mining. Our services include the drafting of patent specifications for inventions and prosecution of local South African patent applications and foreign patent applications by way of our network of selected agents.

Patent applications

KISCH IP files and prosecutes local patent applications, and foreign patent applications including international Paris Convention applications, or Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and subsequent foreign national phase applications.


KISCH IP conducts and reports on patentability searches for inventions in all fields. To do this, we use international on-line databases, in-house electronic and hard-copy databases (dating back to the 1950s), the databases at various international patent offices, and the South African patent office. These searches also cover relevant technology databases.

We also conduct infringement searches to determine the countries or territories in which an invention may be freely commercialised or utilised without fear of infringement. In addition, we assist clients with technology-research searches in various fields.

Duration & renewal of patents

A patent endures for 20 years in most countries subject to the payment of renewal fees. Both patents, and in some instances patent applications, are subject to the payment of annual renewal fees. KISCH IP sends renewal reminders to clients and facilitates payment of renewal fees on their behalf.


In a rights transfer, KISCH IP provides assignment documents, assists with transactions and attends to assignment recordal in any country.


The licensing of intellectual property can be riddled with hidden pitfalls if not adequately dealt with from the outset. KISCH IP provides professional advice regarding licence agreements and the terms and conditions under which such relationships should proceed. We also prepare licence agreements for intellectual property rights and assist with disputes between parties concerning existing licence agreements.

Infringement & related litigation

KISCH IP conducts and manages all patent infringement, revocation and related litigious matters for our clients.


All changes affecting patent rights may, and often should, be recorded at the relevant Patent Offices. KISCH IP provides these services.

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