DM Kisch adopts a new brand and corporate identity: KISCH IP

Today, after 141 years, DM Kisch Inc, Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright attorneys will adopt a new brand and corporate identity, namely KISCH IP. With its roots dating back to 1874, the firm has built a reputation as a leading intellectual property law firm in South Africa. Now, this brand evolution speaks to the future of the firm and importantly, innovation, which is at the heart of its daily operations and service offering to clients.
From the base established by the firm’s founder, Daniel Montague Kisch in 1874, the firm has evolved into a gateway IP practice for multinational, international, regional and local companies with an appetite for the markets in the African region.
“The rejuvenated and refreshed brand, KISCH IP’, is more representative of our positioning and offering as a leading IP law firm,” explains Adelhart Krűger, Chairman, KISCH IP.
The visual identity that underpins it has also changed to represent much more; the new logo plays on the trade mark symbol while the choice of a circle was selected for its simple shape in Euclidean geometry.
“The circle is the basis for the wheel, which, with related inventions such as gears, makes much of modern machinery possible. In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped inspire the development of geometry, astronomy, and calculus all of which have gone on to inspire and facilitate inventions throughout history,” says Ronelle Berry, Marketing Manager, KISCH IP.
Furthermore, new colours, new collateral and new signage have all been rejuvenated. The KISCH IP word mark sits neatly between both the contemporary and historical design elements and is designed to embolden, not overwhelm, its surroundings. For these, strategy and idea generation was handled by HKLM and the development of the visual language by Jean du Plessis.
While embracing the new brand identity, Kisch IP remains a leading South African legal practice, offering the full suite of intellectual property law services: patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, anti-counterfeiting and any other conceivable form of IP.
“Kisch IP will always remain client-centric, committed and skilled, and our agents and associates are where they always were. It is imperative for us to continue to serve as Africa’s IP partner of choice” concludes Krűger.