KISCH IP, although headquartered in South Africa and represented worldwide, is particularly active in Africa – where we utilise the services of a selected network of qualified and reliable agents. Read More


Considering that there are almost 60 territories in Africa, with a population of approximately 800 million, it is no surprise that the region has become a focal point for commercial expansion. At the same time, each country has its own set of intellectual property laws, with their own respective origins.


KISCH IP has developed – over the last 140 years – extensive knowledge and experience of the various legal systems and structures throughout Africa.


Further, because we view Africa as a reservoir of immense potential for global businesses and investors, we are eager to assist foreign and local clients with IP-related matters throughout the continent, as well as with general commercial legal services.

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Convention Priority

Madrid Agreement

Somalia is an ARIPO Patent zone and an

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Other ARIPO Patent zones

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Filing Requirements

  • Power of Attorney – signed by applicant and not legalized
  • Request for grant, containing:
    – The title of the invention
    – Details of the applicant, inventor and agent
    – Designation of States
    – Priority claim if priority to be claimed
  • Description
  • Claims
  • Abstract
  • Drawings


  • 20 years from the filing date of the application
  • Annual maintenance fees are payable to the ARIPO office
  • Annual maintenance fees are due in respect of each State for which the patent application/ patent should remain effective